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Updated: October 23, 2019

We’re looking for smart, motivated, thoughtful people to help develop our cloud-based data-publishing/analytics product and consulting business. We’re currently looking for new team members for the following roles (junior and senior levels will be considered):

Interaction Designer/Front-end Engineer: Accessible HTML, CSS, modern JavaScript (particularly React)

Back-end Engineer: Graph Data and Clojure experience would give candidates a strong advantage

Cloud Operations Engineer: Linux with GCP and/or AWS experience

Read on for more details and how to apply. Don’t fit one of the above roles, but still think you’re a good fit? You may still be able to convince us we need your help!

As a growing company with a commitment to help government clients publish trusted high quality open data on the web, we’re taking on some big challenges. We believe that making the best possible use of the web is the way to turn useful data into valuable insights, and want talented people with the skills and ideas that can help us develop that vision and deliver it.

We have a private office in the Manchester St. Peter’s Square Wework.

We’re a small company of just 15 people (including a couple of regular contractors), and whilst we’re considered by many to be experts in our field, we know we don’t have all the answers. So we’re looking for intelligent, thoughtful, effective people who are keen to learn from us and our customers and to bring their own ideas and experience to improve the way we work, how our product works, and ultimately how government data works to help society. We have an informal open collaborative company culture, where everyone contributes. We love what we do.

We’re lucky to be based in the heart of Manchester in St Peter’s Square, so not only do we have good transport links but we’re close to two of the most vibrant parts of Manchester: Oxford Road, and Deansgate. Whilst many of us like to work face-to-face most of the time — about half the team regularly work in the office — we also support remote and flexible working.

Everyone should have a good work/life balance, so we have a generous holiday entitlement of 38 days including bank holidays (though you can take the bank holidays on any day you choose). Our staff are all supplied with top of the range laptops (normally Apple MacBook Pros). We believe the tech industry isn’t diverse enough, and would like to become more diverse ourselves: we welcome applications from all backgrounds.

Read more about what it’s like to work at Swirrl in this blog post.


Some challenges we’ve solved and some we’re still working on that you might find interesting are:

  • How to present complex data so more people can interpret them, without adding your own bias
  • How to decide where to apply property-based testing approaches
  • How to make agile development really work in public sector projects
  • How to serve gigabytes of graph data from a cache instead of the database whilst ensuring it’s correct and doesn’t significantly increase latency on the initial request
  • How to make the right comprises between operations and development to ensure smooth development, rapid delivery and reliable services
  • How to influence, shape and implement new standards and recommendations, and collaborate with international partners to research and develop best practice
  • How to plan and orchestrate a complex phased site migration with minimal disruption of service
  • How to combine structured queries and text search to help people find exactly the right piece of data
  • How to make complicated data selection tasks seem easy (whether you’re on a laptop or a phone, for people with widely varying skills, regardless of any disability)
  • How to run a successful data conference
  • How to build isomorphic Clojure(script) applications
  • How to perform large ETL jobs efficiently
  • How to accurately model administrative geography and present it in a meaningful way to lay-users
  • How to instrument servers to diagnose and resolve performance and scaling problems
  • How to turn Continuous Integration into Continuous Delivery
  • How to plan and manage multiple projects across multiple customers, alongside our own product development programme


We use various technologies including those listed below. You probably already know some of them, but others you’ll be keen to learn.

  • Git
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (Travis, Jenkins)
  • Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud (including Serverless computing)
  • Linux, particularly Ubuntu (including containers)
  • RDF, Linked Data and Graph Databases such as Stardog
  • SPARQL and GraphQL
  • Clojure (for all active back-end development)
  • Ruby (we’re phasing out our Ruby components, but we still have some legacy)
  • ClojureScript
  • R and RStudio
  • Javascript (including React and D3)
  • Modern and accessible HTML and CSS

Can you help? We’re looking for new team members to work either remotely or from our Manchester office (new hires normally spend at least a few weeks in Manchester initially for on-boarding). We don’t expect any one person will be good at all of the things we have mentioned, but we’re interested in talking to people who are great at some of them.

How to Apply

Apply by emailing jobs@swirrl.com with an expression of interest and appropriate supporting information.

(No recruiters please).