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Swirrl's PublishMyData software platform helps government organisations to make their data more accessible and re-usable, enabling better informed decisions.

Transforming how government finds data

PublishMyData wraps your data in world-class search, browse and discovery technology. Users can explore by topic, map and natural language search. Specialists can also use details of vocabularies and classification schemes to filter data or use the full featured query language for the most precise or complex search requirements.

Transforming how government understands data

PublishMyData helps you annotate, cross-reference and document your data, making it self-describing. All your users can rely on common clear, precise and consistent definitions of every term in your domain, allowing them to apply data with confidence. Datasets can be illuminated and enriched with explanatory notes and details of methodology.

Transforming how government connects data

PublishMyData weaves your data into a graph, breaking it out of silos and joining it to other data from inside and outside your organisation to enable new connections and new comparisons.

Transforming how government uses data

PublishMyData makes your data ready to use anywhere: combine data sources to create custom spreadsheets on the desktop; syndicate the data into offline systems; power online apps and visualisations.

Transforming how government manages data

PublishMyData puts you in control of your data. Edit, transform, load, validate and publish your data in teams, or automate and integrate the process into code workflows. Be confident that your publishing is timely, trustworthy and reliable.

A selection of our customers

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government


MHCLG uses PublishMyData to share data on deprivation, housing and local government, tied together with rich geographical reference data.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Swirrl supports Defra with integrating diverse data sources for better understanding and management of the environment, flood risk and waste management.

Scottish Government

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government uses PublishMyData to publish a wide ranging and continuously updated collection of open statistical data, supporting analysts across central and local government.

Office for National Statistics


The ONS and Swirrl are working together on the Integrated Data Programme (IDP) project to transform the way public sector statistics are published.

About Swirrl

Founded in 2008 by brothers, Bill and Ric Roberts, Swirrl is at the forefront of UK government linked data.

Swirrl technology is trusted by ONS, MHCLG, the Scottish Government, Defra and the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency. PublishMyData is available on the gov.uk Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud), or direct from Swirrl.