PublishMyData: World-class tools, whether you're a data publisher, consumer or app developer.


Use the data cart to tailor custom downloads combining data from anywhere on the site.


Share data inside and outside the organisation with built-in team workflows for data publishing and review.


Linked data lets you zoom between precise detail and the big picture with context-aware charting.


Automatically-created APIs make your data re-usable by the world.


Out-of-the-box understanding of UK administrative geography puts your data on the map.


Programmable authoring pipelines make uploading new data effortless and repeatable.

[DCLG's PublishMyData site] is an outstanding example of how Open Data can be published, reused and exploited to benefit a wide range of stakeholders. It supports extremely efficient data reuse and integration, and is a gold standard to which others should aspire.

- Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, ODI

A comprehensive platform for all stages of the data publication lifecycle

PublishMyData is a complete end-to-end solution: polished end-user site, powerful management interface, performance-tuned graph store, programming interfaces, on-demand software updates and world-leading data modelling consultancy. Best of all, we take care of all the hosting and maintenance and provide technical support as well as an uptime guarantee.

Data discovery & exploration

  • Search, browse, query, filter and drill down to select exactly the data you need
  • Build, save, edit and download your own custom spreadsheets combining data from any dataset
  • Automatic interactive charting
  • UK administrative geography built-in, with map-based tools.
  • Discover and explore related data

Data management & publishing

  • Multi-user, collaborative data authoring, approval and publishing workflow
  • Automatic data quality assurance
  • Programmable, re-usable data upload pipelines automatically transform and clean your data
  • Supports all levels of user skill from novice to expert

Developer access

  • On-the-fly generation of programming interfaces (APIs) specific to your data
  • Comprehensive automatic API documentation inline
  • Queryable SPARQL 1.1 endpoint
  • Secure publishing API for in-house users and developers

Expert hosting

  • Fully hosted. Fully managed. Fully supported
  • You have total, autonomous control of the publishing process.
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Access to consultancy, modelling and bespoke development


PublishMyData is the favourite linked data publishing software of the UK public sector, powering the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, The Scottish Government, Office for National Statistics and MyNHS open data.

Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government
Scottish Government