PublishMyData Policies

Updated: January 08, 2023

The policies in this document refer to PublishMyData powered sites.


PublishMyData-powered websites sometimes place small files on your computer, known as cookies. Many other websites do this too.

In particular we may use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about visitors browsing the site to help us monitor and improve the service. For more details see the Google Analytics Privacy Overview. We don’t use these cookies to identify you personally.

The 'Data Cart' feature of some PublishMyData sites uses your browsers' Local Storage to hold your selections before you save the cart.

For administrators of PublishMyData sites (but not for public visitors), we use a cookie to identify the logged-in user.


PublishMyData-powered websites are operated in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679).

What personal data do we collect?

  • Visitors’ IP addresses, and details of which browser they used.
  • Anonymised information on how visitors use the site.
  • Where applicable, the "Data Cart" feature of PublishMyData uses the local storage facilities of your browser. No personal data is collected.
  • For administrators of PublishMyData sites we use a cookie to identify the logged in user and to store details of the session. This doesn't apply to public, unauthenticated visitors. Registering an administrator account requires a valid email address.

How do we use personal data?

  • IP address information and browser details are held in log files and the data is normally kept for up to one month, but in exceptional circumstances (e.g. for post-mortem diagnosis of operational incidents) may be held for up to one year.
  • Administrator account details are held for as long as they are valid, and in backups that may be retained for up to a year. This doesn't apply to public, unauthenticated visitors.

Where is personal data stored?

  • PublishMyData uses servers from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, at data centres located in the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • We may use third party services to monitor and operate the PublishMyData service, and these services may store data outside the EEA. However, we ensure that third party services used by PublishMyData which process personal data maintain adequate policies for GDPR and either are based in EEA or in other countries with sufficient data protection legislation (eg EU-US Privacy Shield).

Access to personal data held

  • Only TPXimpact staff directly involved in operating the service are able to access log files and monitoring services.
  • Staff from TPXimpact and from the data-owning organisation may have access to the Google Analytics.
  • No data is shared with other third parties, unless required to do so by law.

Your rights


We aim to ensure that PublishMyData-powered sites are as accessible and usable as possible for everyone, including partially sighted users using screen-readers, and colour-blind users. Some of the measures we take are:

  • Use of semantic markup throughout, including the use of ARIA roles.
  • Nothing is indicated by colour alone.
  • JavaScript is mainly used as a progressive enhancement - we've tried to make as much of PublishMyData as possible available to users without JavaScript-enabled browsers. Examples of features that require JavaScript are the maps and visualisations (which in all cases provide the same information in tabular form), the data cart feature, and the area profile tables (all of the data for which can be downloaded in other ways).

Making complex statistical and geographical datasets fully accessible to users with visual impairments is a challenging problem, and an ongoing effort for us. We are always happy to receive feedback that will help us to help you to use our data to full advantage.