Publish My Data

PublishMyData is our Linked Data publishing platform. It lets you serve your 5-star Open Data on the web in a format that’s easy to understand, but it’s also machine readable so data experts can exploit it.

With PublishMyData your organisation’s data can be used to far greater effect: linking with other, related data and reaching a wider audience who, in turn, can manipulate it for themselves.

Some of the Benefits

Nothing to install. PublishMyData is Software as a Service, so it operates in the cloud. This means we take care of everything: maintaining, supporting and constantly improving the system for you.

Stay in control. With our administration system your organisation retains control of how and when your data is published, and you can monitor usage of the data.

Customisable. Generate your own branded data site on a domain of your choice. Add custom data browsing and discovery features, or even visualisations.

Reach a wide audience. Everyone can browse the data that’s available, discover how it’s related and explore the data via grids and other tools.

Encourage data reuse. Techies can also access the data via a SPARQL endpoint, and a range of other APIs.

Open to the core. Based on our open-source libraries, and using open standards throughout, PublishMyData doesn't lock you in. The data belongs to you and can be easily exported at any time.

Reliable and Trusted. PublishMyData is used by several high profile public and private-sector clients. We offer an Uptime SLA, take regular backups and use load-balanced databases.

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More details on Features

Browsable Data Website

All data published is browsable and searchable via a public website which can be customised to suit your brand. This provides access to the data for a variety of audiences: from interested lay-people and data analysts to software developers.

As an example of what's possible, see OpenDataCommunities, the DCLG's official Linked Data site, or refer to our case studies.

In addition to this core Linked Data publishing, it's easy to enhance data-users' experience, by building rich web applications and visualisations into the site. This is made possible by our highly extensible and flexible community edition framework on which the sites are based.

Public APIs

As well as full downloads of each dataset, PublishMyData provides a variety of well-documented APIs (example) for software developers to consume your data. These range from configurable RESTful JSON APIs (for web developers), to Linked Data APIs and a SPARQL Endpoint (for RDF experts).

You have the option of asking users to sign up for API keys by supplying contact details and how they're using your data. This helps you to serve your audience better and and keep a channel open for communication with them.

Administration Tools

Our unique administration tools let you manage the data itself, associated metadata (including documentation) and how it's presented through the data website.

You can upload data from files, import it from other APIs, and control how and when it's published online. We keep track of who did what (and when), whilst our permission system helps you keep control of who can make changes.

Additionally, we provide detailed analytics so you can monitor how your data is being used by the public.

Compatible & Flexible

There's nothing to install: everything runs in the cloud. PublishMyData Works with recent versions of all major browsers (including Internet Explorer from Version 8 onwards).

Reliable & Fast

Service Level Agreement: We target 100% availability of the system, but if it drops below 99.5% in any calendar month then partial refunds become applicable, on a sliding scale.

You can monitor system performance via the administration tools and, although we make no guarantees against performance metrics, an average of 50-100ms per request can be expected due to our scalable architecture and caching techniques.

Off-site backups are taken every time data is changed via the administration tools.


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Details of Pricing

The price for a PublishMyData-powered Data site can vary from between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds per month, depending on how much data you wish to publish, and the popularity of your site.

New pricing structure coming soon. Get in touch for more details.

For additional customisation or bespoke development work, we can provide a quote. Please contact us.