Founded in 2008 By brothers Ric and Bill Roberts, we're a small company with a passion for making open data easy to find, understand and re-use.

We love technology and beautiful yet functional design. We work with a near-obsessive attention to detail and enjoy providing excellent and friendly customer service.

Meet Our Team

With our development team based in Manchester and registered office in Scotland, we work with clients across the UK and Europe.

Rick M

An experienced software engineer, skilled at both front and back-end development. He runs the Lambda Lounge functional programming club and is passionate about solving problems in elegant, effective ways.


Guy thinks of interaction design as theatre, and has won awards for both. Wears a lot of black for somebody whose main job is colouring things in.


With a background in education and modern languages, Sarah works on communications activities.


Functional programming enthusiast, a regular at Manchester's Lambda Lounge and all round smart software engineer!


Scott is a pragmatic Software Engineer on a personal mission to "do it right". He has a love of the functional languages F# & Clojure. He also enjoys cooking and is terrible guitar noodler.

We're hiring!

We're searching for people to join us in creating beautiful and powerful data solutions for organisations who want to open up their data for both humans and machines. Check out our current vacancies.

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